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April 18 2017

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Love this app

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April 17 2017

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photo via margaret

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its me

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My man Jesus

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How high is the moon ?

Take a ping pong bat. It's the Earth. The ball is the Moon. They're distant from 3 meters. The limit of the highest layer of the atmosphere is at 10 cm from the ground. The highest flight of the Shuttle is 0.6 cm high and you're told an astronaut when you fly over 0.8 mm. The re-entry hot zone of the atmosphere is at 1.2 mm. No plane can fly above one mm and commercial flights never exceed an altitude of 0.2 mm. Mars is between 550 m and 4 km away. The sun is at 1.5 km away and is big as a house.
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April 16 2017

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